Your Poll Location was Moved or Closed

You arrive at the address on your sample ballot only to find that it's not open or not the correct location. What can you do?


First check for a sign or notice telling you where the voting place is. If a sign isn't posted, call your local Elections office. Note: before you go to vote, find the local elections number, write it down and bring it with you or call toll free for help: 1-(866) Our-Vote / 1-(866) 687-8683 for English and español, or 1-(888) Vey-Vota / 1-(888) 839-8682 para la ayuda en español. to find out where your new polling place is located. Please tell them your poll location was moved or closed.

Tip: Arrange a ride ahead of time, just in case your polling place has moved and it becomes difficult to get to the new location.