Removal of Your Name from Registration Rolls

When a state removes a voter's name from the registration rolls without that person's permission, this act is called “purging”. This type of manipulation has occurred in states such as Florida, where many qualified African American voters were turned away at the polls due to purging of the rolls. Recently, in Los Angeles County, the Secretary of State changed the requirements for registering to vote resulting in a 43% rejection of new registrations before the policy was corrected in the spring of 2006.


Your best defense against purging is written proof that you are registered to vote.

Check to see if you're registered online, and if so, print a copy. Or call your local Elections office and ask them to send you an email confirmation of your vote registration if it is listed. While you are on the phone to the Elections office ask them if they will provide paper ballots at the polls in case a voter prefers paper. Paper ballots ensure a backup option in case voting machinery isn't properly recording the vote or is breaking down.

Make sure you're still registered to vote now, before going to vote:

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Tip: To be 100% certain that your name is still on the rolls, please check with your local Elections office or to see if you're listed as registered a week before the deadline so you have time to re-register if necessary. Go to or to see registration deadlines by state, and to re-register if your name is not on the list.