Voter Checklist for Election Day

1. Bring these with you when you vote:

2. Ask to vote on a paper ballot, if your polling place has paper ballots.

3. Report any problems to these hotline numbers and ask for help if needed:
Call Toll Free 1-(866) OUR-VOTE / 1-(866) 687-8683 for English and español.
Call Toll Free 1-(888) VEY-VOTA / 1-(888) 839-8682 para la ayuda en español.

4. If you plan to vote absentee, and you have the time, check with your local
Elections office first, to find out if you can drop off your ballot at your
regular polling location on Elections Day. Ask the poll worker for a receipt. recommends that you drop off your Absentee ballot on
Election Day rather than mailing it in. Make sure the signature on the front of the
envelope matches the absentee ballot inside. If you drop off your absentee ballot
at your polling place or the local Elections office, remember to take a photo ID
with you just in case. Make sure your absentee ballot has the correct 2006 date
on it. If it doesn't, call your local party office or a hotline immediately.